The most sunny region of Spain is determined!

Costa del Sol is officially announced as the most sunny place in Spain and it´s name speaks for itself (in Spanish – “sunny coast”). The National Meteorological Agency of Spain reported that this is the place with maximum number of days without precipitation.

Experts counted more than 320 sunny days per year here on Costa del Sol. According to scientists, here on the Mediterranean coast you can take sunbaths an average of 2905 hours per year – this is more than on the Canary Islands (2,822 sunny hours).

Most of the sun hours were recorded in Málaga. Here you can spend 3000 hours a year in the sun. In neighboring Almería, this figure is 2,944 hours, and in the located slightly further from the coast Granada – 2,917.

The city with the best climate in the whole country was also named Malaga: the winters here are very mild, and in the summer not too hot. The average annual temperature in the city is 18.5 degrees Celsius, and in August the thermometer reaches an average of 25.4 degrees.