International Property Show in Saint Petersburg! Linea Invest presenting it´s stand!

According to statistical data of organizers, the Show reached record numbers: in two days it was visited by more than 8000 people! Stands of 211 participants were placed in two international pavilions.

The whole the structure of participants, as always, perfectly reflected geographical preferences of consumers. At International Property Show the real estate of 30 countries from all over the world was presented. From them more than 73% were the share of real estate in the countries of Europe, more than 16% – in the exotic countries (including the states of South East Asia), about 6.5% -in the countries of the Middle East, and 3.3% – in the USA.

The most popular country in the market, according to number of the offers presented at last Show, is Spain. Also the real estate in Bulgaria, Turkey, Italy, Montenegro, and Cyprus is in demand. The five of leaders confirms words of experts from real estate that the Russian investors prefer to invest first of all in resort real estate.

The countries with strong and stable economy – Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland, France, and others – weren’t deprived of attention as well. Real estate prices in these states are rather high, however, at the same time investment appeal of both habitable and commercial property is high also. The Russian investors, on supervision of players of the market, in recent years became skilled regarding economic and legal literacy, and therefore willingly put rather solid sums into real estate of the mentioned countries.

As well as the exhibitions of previous years, the last one had participants from the exotic countries – Indonesia, Seychelles, Thailand, Dominican Republic, Saint Keats and Nevis. The number of Russians – owners of real estate abroad grows from year to year, even in the countries very remote from Russia, and this fact attracts to the Property Show the companies from all over the world.